Experimental SEA (ESEA)

       Main differences between SEA-TEST and SEA-XP:
  • SEA-XP includes both acquisition software (driving National Instruments (NI) cards) and ESEA post-processing.
  • SEA-TEST post-processing only -SEA-TEST uses a modal test protocol with referenced nodes to drive the post-processing. Data are imported in UFF format allowing any modal test protocol acquisition system exporting in UFF to deliver input data to SEA-TEST.
  • SEA model is defined as group of nodes in SEA-TEST while it is a group of records in SEA-XP. SEA-TEST is more flexible as the position of the nodes can also be stored and groups of nodes can be easily re-ordered through the list of nodes.
  • SEA-TEST allows specifying ESEA test independently of the acquisition with known position of nodes. Position of nodes is not recorded in SEA-XP and the philosophy is more on-the-fly sub-structuration into subsystems -ESEA Post-processing is nearly identical in SEA-TEST and SEA-XP except that SEA-TEST allows similar to Virtual SEA post-processing and can also directly import VSEA sub-structuration from FEM.
SEA-TEST is a license-controlled application. The license control mechanism is based on RLM from Reprise Software Inc.
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