Analytical SEA (ASEA)



  • Software SEA+ / SEAWOOD*:    Version info
  • Optional Modules
  • SEA-Foam & SEA-Cyl **
  • SEA-Shock
  • SEAVirt   
  • * SEAWOOD: Software SEA+ Lite version & SEA-Foam module dedicated for Timber Building Acoustic

    ** SEA-Cyl: NEW optional Module of SEA-Foam (SEA+ version 2018)

    SEA-Cyl Module integrates AcouCYL, a spectral method for the vibroacoustic modeling of multilayered cylindrical systems developed and owned by CSTB, the French Technical Research Center of building industry.

    SEA-Cyl allows performing IL (Insertion Loss) and TL (Transmission Loss) predictions using TMM (Transfer Matrix Method) calculation formulated in cylindrical coordinates.SEA-Cyl module is dedicated to cylindrical structures. In SEA+ GUI, SEA-Cyl can be in one-click substituted to SEA-Foam calculations when the supporting structure is curved (singly-curved and doubly-curved shell SEA+ subsystems).



    SEA+ and SEAWOOD are license-controlled applications. The license control mechanism is based on RLM from Reprise Software Inc.

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